Pianos, Pool Tables, and Other Heavy Items

Almost everyone believes a pool table or piano is an excellent addition to any home, except when it’s time to move. Nobody enjoys moving these heavy objects, especially when it means they need moved up or down stairs, around tight corners, or through narrow hallways.

One reason pianos are so heavy is the real hard wood material and the hundreds of metal strings that give the piano it’s sound. Similarly, pool tables get their weight from the wood body and the slate top covered with felt you hit the pool balls on.

Both these items create a real challenge when trying to move them from one house to another. This is why many people choose to generously “gift” their piano or pool table to the new owners.

However, if you do choose to take one of these heavy objects with you, or other very heavy objects like a gun safe, large appliances, or your grandmothers antique dresser, please do not attempt to move these on your own.

The Challenge Of Moving Pianos
When it comes to moving pianos and other very heavy items, we know first hand how challenging it can be. It takes more than strength, but also experience and teamwork to ensure the item gets moved without damaging the piano and without damaging anything in your house. We have the tools necessary to make moving these items easier. 

We also know pianos are rarely in a wide open space in your house with large doorways or double doors to carry the piano through. Usually homeowners like to store a piano in a specific room or in their basement. Sometimes that’s so they don’t have to hear their young student banging out scales. Other times its because you are tired of seeing the piano in your main room and have moved it to one of your other less convenient rooms.

We Move All Types of Heavy Items
No matter where your piano, pool table, gun safe or any other large and heavy item is located, we will gladly provide you with expert moving help. Over the years we’ve moved all kinds of heavy items into all kinds of areas and through all kinds of nooks and crannies in your house.

Items like this need the help of professional movers who know the right way to move these types of belongings. We know the proper way to bend, lift, slide, and move these items without damaging ourselves or your house.

Why Choose Us
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