Over the years as a moving company, we’ve collected some helpful advice and tips we wanted to share with everyone interested in utilizing our services for their move. We want everyone’s moving experience to be as successful and pleasant as possible. Read below to learn more!

Stop by frequently for new updates. We will be updating this list over the next several weeks!

Packing and Unpacking Advice:

  • START EARLY!  This is truly the number one piece of advice we can give when packing for your move. When moving to a new location, many activities in addition to packing must take place. You have to turn on your utilities, switch your internet over, transfer newspapers, TV service, lawn care and pest control, work with your bank, possibly rent a storage locker, and the list goes on.
    Packing is just one of the many responsibilities to take care of and many people get distracted by all the other “must-haves” and forget to pack until the last minute. The sooner you can start packing the smoother your move will be.
  • When packing books, only use small to medium sized boxes. Books can quickly make a box very heavy. Also, in a box of books, try to pack the box as full as possible. This ensures your boxes won’t get smashed when stacking them on top of one another.
  • Create a color scheme or naming system for each NEW room and mark your boxes accordingly. Many people mark the box based on their old room, but frequently your new house has different rooms and the markings don’t make sense when you get your boxes to your new house.
  • Be careful using 2nd hand boxes. It can be great to save a few dollars on boxes, but after a move cardboard boxes are usually well worn and not as structurally sound. 2nd-hand boxes are great for non-fragile items, but fragile items should definitely be stored in new boxes.
  • Use as many original boxes as possible when re-packing items like electronics, small appliances, and tools. An items original box is usually the safest box for the item to travel in.
  • Choose your tape wisely. People think any tape will work for taping their boxes together. It’s important to use high quality packing tape. Duct tape may be a mans favorite tape, but for your move, use packing tape. It will keep your boxes from coming lose during the move.

Some Items We Cannot Move or Recommend You Moving

  • Tanks of Propane – flammables require additional certifications to move. We ask our customers to move their propane tanks themselves so we can keep costs competitive
  • Gasoline – We cannot move any flammable liquids. Please plan on moving gasoline yourself, or safely disposing of before moving.
  • Paint Thinner and Unused Paint Cans – Paint is another item we cannot move. Please plan to have this moved yourself
  • Prescription Medications – these are usually important to your life and help. We do our best not to lose or break anything, but accidents do happen. An accident with your life saving prescriptions is not a mistake we wish to make, so please pack and move these yourself.
  • Oxygen Canisters – A highly presurized container of oxygen can act like a bomb if dropped or mishandled. Please have these either empty or have these moved yourself.