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When the time comes to move, it can be both an exciting and stressful time for new homeowners. They are starting a new chapter in their lives, and they want to be as prepared as possible for the move.

This is why many homeowners trust Fort Wayne Movers to assist with their moving needs in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area.

Whether you’re moving from an apartment, a house, or have commercial moving needs, we are the company to call! You can trust us to take all the stress and worry away from your big moving day.

Apartment Moving
Helping move someone in an out of an apartment is one of the services we offer. Moving from an apartment is usually extra challenging because many apartments are multiple levels with narrow staircases and tight doorways. We have experience tackling these additional challenges and can do so with your move.

Residential Moving
Moving into a new home? The team at Fort Wayne Movers has you covered. We’ve helped hundreds of families in the Fort Wayne area move into houses of all sizes. No house is too big or too small for our team to take care of.

We also know most houses in Fort Wayne have basements, and usually people like to put the largest, most awkward to carry items in their basements, like pianos, pool tables, gun safes and sometimes even heavy machinery.

When you’re living here it’s convenient to have these kinds of items in your basement, but it definitely makes moving a little more challenging.

Our team specializes in moving large items in and out of basements or up and down stairs. We have the right equipment to do things the right way.

Commercial Moving
We also specialize in helping large or small companies with their moving needs. Sometimes coordinating a move for a company can be extra challenging due to coordinating a time when you won’t

Other Moving Services
We can also help with you with a number of other moving services: unpacking, packing, and moving large items such as a pianos, pool tables, furniture, or hot tubs. If you need help moving something, don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help you today!

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